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Nov 27, 2022

A Eulogy for Heroku Free Tier

Programming heroku

We are at the end of November and with it, the final hour of all of my Heroku free dynos. When I first heard that Heroku was slashing their free tier back in August, I remember feeling a bit of a bittersweet nostalgia. Like many other folks in software, Heroku...

Aug 21, 2022

Running Elixir on Lambda

Programming aws elixir lambda

A while back, I discovered that Johns Hopkins publishes daily COVID case and death counts for all 50 US states. The graphs reminded me a lot of metric graphs for monitoring services, and I began to imagine a system of mirroring the data into CloudWatch and paging myself whenever they...

Apr 18, 2022


Data r

I recently read a blog post arguing that the Dunning-Kruger effect was not a psychological phenomenon but, rather, a statistical artifact.

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